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抽脂术 俄亥俄州哥伦布市


抽脂术 is a minimally-invasive procedure that can make dramatic improvements for patients who have tried their best and still need help achieving their ultimate goal. 男人 and women turn to lipo to shed those final few pounds and achieve the most desirable contour in their abdomen, 臀部, 侧翼, 手臂和大腿. 这个过程提供了持久的, natural-looking results with 最小的停机时间 and is very helpful when diet and exercise just aren’t quite enough.



注重细节 & 艺术

Dr. 杰弗里·唐纳森和博士. 米歇尔·西弗特几乎每天都做抽脂手术, working with patients of all ages and body types while maintaining safety, 对称和自然的外表. Our board-certified plastic surgeons prefer minimally-invasive techniques and have an outstanding record of patient satisfaction.

两个博士. Donaldson和Dr. Sieffert are revered by patients for their excellent results and their warm bedside manner.



If you have tried to watch what you eat and exercise regularly, 但你还是有多余脂肪的地方, 你很可能需要做抽脂手术. This surgical procedure works best when there are isolated bulges around the thighs and waist, 肚脐以下, 在手臂后面, 在下巴下面或者其他隐蔽的地方.

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    & 目标物质 

    抽脂术 surgery may also be desirable if you wish to enhance the curves and contours of your body. Our surgeons can help if you’re looking to accentuate your “hourglass” figure, widen the gap between your thighs or flatten the inner knees. 抽脂术 is not an obesity treatment; however, it has been shown to improve cholesterol levels in certain individuals.

    Candidacy for liposuction is not dependent on age, size or gender. Younger people have a higher rate of success with liposuction due to increased skin elasticity. Dr. Donaldson或Dr. Sieffert will assess your anatomy at your consultation to determine whether the procedure is appropriate.

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    There Are Several Types Of 抽脂术 Available, Including:

    • Tumescent/wet 抽脂术 (SAL or suction-assisted lipectomy)
    • Vaser(超声或超声辅助脂肪分解)
    • Smart脂肪激光抽脂
    • Cool脂肪 (cryo-抽脂术)
    • Power脂肪 (PAL或动力辅助抽脂)

    我们不提供Smart脂肪. 我们的医生通常更喜欢SAL, power-assisted liposuction and Vaser/UAL due to their time-tested results, 一致性和安全性.


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    所有的医疗状况都应与医生讨论. Donaldson或Dr. 在你做最后决定之前仔细考虑一下. 在您的咨询下, our team will go over your medical history to assess risks and determine whether any further testing, 转介或干预可能是必要的.


是的,我们的外科医生会做脂肪 360. This specific 抽脂术 technique is defined by the way that it targets multiple areas in the midsection during just one surgical session. It typically targets the abdomen, waist, “Love Handles” (or 侧翼), middle back and lower back.

抽脂术 cost varies greatly based on a wide variety of factors, 包括使用的技术, 需要去除多少脂肪, 其他正在执行的澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网等等. 因为这个原因, the price of a 抽脂术 procedure could range anywhere from $4,000 to $20,总共000美元. It is difficult to provide a truly accurate cost estimation without first understanding your unique goals and desires, 是什么让咨询如此重要.


抽脂术 is a great option for spot-treating abdominal fat, 当一个鼓包存在于相对有弹性的皮肤下. 腹部除皱也可以去除腹部脂肪, while at the same time repairing the underlying muscle contour, reshaping the belly button and tightening loose skin. Most patients are candidates for one or the other, but not both.


作为整形手术的实践, we are uniquely qualified to give you a true and honest analysis of what procedure is going to yield the best results for you. 我们的兴趣在于帮助你做到最好, 受过良好教育的你自己的决定, we’ll never recommend a procedure you don’t need.

全面了解腹部除皱VS. 脂肪

We will be the first to say that the healthier you are, the easier it is for your body to heal after the surgery. Dr. Donaldson和Dr. Sieffert recommend that you are within ten to twenty pounds of your reasonable, typical body weight. Most patients are up or down ten to twenty pounds over the course of their lifetimes, 只要你在这个范围内, 那么你的抽脂效果就不会受到影响. 如果你预计会有更大的体重波动, then it is best to make some progress before having surgery so revisions are less likely.

营养、锻炼 & 生活方式的选择将大有帮助

你也应该戒掉不健康的习惯, 比如喝酒和抽烟, 在手术前的那段时间里. Our surgeons strongly advise their patients to quit smoking for at least two weeks before surgery and two weeks after surgery in order to avoid infections, 伤口并发症和愈合问题. Our staff is happy to help you plan for these lifestyle changes well in advance.

Certain medications and dietary supplements can impair healing, 或者导致更多的出血, 瘀伤和疤痕组织. Dr. Donaldson或Dr. Sieffert will provide a list of some of the most common contraindicated substances; however, it is wise to cross-check the side effects of anything you are taking yourself to be sure.

准备好你的家 & 恢复办公室

You will need a comfortable place to rest and relax for the first day or two, 因为你的行动将受到限制. Take care of physical projects in advance, because you will not be ready for heavy chores right away. It is best to recruit a family member or a good friend to be available to assist you for at least the first twenty-four hours. Most patients rebound quickly, but it is best to take precautions nonetheless.

抽脂术 involves the precise removal of localized fat deposits to enhance body contours and proportions. This is an outpatient procedure that can be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the amount of fat removed. 开始, the board-certified plastic surgeon makes small incisions strategically located near the target areas. 通过这些切口, a thin hollow tube called a cannula is inserted and connected to a suction device.

对细节一丝不苟, 外科医生在皮肤下操作套管, gently breaking up and suctioning out excess fat cells, 雕刻所需的轮廓. The procedure’s duration depends on the number and size of treated areas. 完成后, 切口被仔细缝合, you will be provided with a compression garment to aid in healing and reduce swelling.

Get A More In-Depth Look At The 抽脂术 Process Here

As with all surgical procedures, there are risks inherent to liposuction. Complications are rare but it is best to be aware of them in advance so you can weigh the pros and cons of surgery and be able to recognize them early if they occur.

The most common risks associated with 抽脂术 are subtle cosmetic differences, 如轮廓缺陷或不对称, 皱纹皮肤上的波纹或凹痕, 或者沟槽的外观. Contour abnormalities generally result when the patient has excess or loose skin, they can often be fixed with skin-tightening procedures or fat transfer.


  • 出血
  • 感染
  • 感觉变化或慢性疼痛
  • 肿胀和水肿
  • 麻醉并发症
  • 不规则的色素沉着
  • 血凝块
  • Damage to deeper structures such as nerves, blood vessels, muscles, or organs
  • 液体积聚

Our team will thoroughly address many of these risks during your consultation, you will see them listed again during the informed consent process before surgery.

Pain medication is given before, during and after the operation. Lidocaine/Marcaine local anesthesia (numbing medication) will continue to linger in the operated areas even after you return home the same day. Your compression garment will cover the treated areas and provide supportive comfort as well. Compression is advised for two to four weeks as it continues to minimize swelling even as your activity level increases.

在这段时间之后, you may find Lycra or spandex exercise garments more comfortable as a transition or bridge therapy. You will never notice the tiny dissolvable sutures beneath the skin and they will be gone in a few weeks. The surgical glue overlying the incisions will gradually peel off in the shower after 1-2 weeks.

There Are Three Distinct Phases When It Comes To 脂肪 Recovery

  • 第1 - 6天: This is when you have the dramatic effect of the operation, 接着是淤青和肿胀. You will already be able to see an improvement during this phase.
  • 第六天-第六周这是你的身体消除肿胀的时候, 炎症, fluids and injured fat cells that are left behind from the operation. This period brings with it a further tightening effect.
  • 第6周-大约第6个月: This is the period in which scar tissue sets in and has a final “shrink wrap” effect. Patients often describe a slow and steady continuation of improvements in their contour even six months out from surgery! The final result should not be measured until at least six months.


抽脂术通常不会留下疤痕, as the incisions are minuscule and often well-hidden near a freckle, 肚脐内侧, 发际线附近, 或者在已有的疤痕或妊娠纹上. More scars are necessary as more areas or larger areas are treated.

All scars fade over time, some disappear almost entirely. 你的疤痕取决于你的皮肤类型, your activity level immediately after surgery and your compliance with post-operative instructions. 在您的咨询下, we assess your skin and give you a more accurate estimation of your personal chance for scarring.

Scar Treatments Are Rarely Needed, But Are Available

手术后, you will meet with our patient care team to learn about the most current scar creams and therapies. Steroid injections, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing and Morpheus8 are very rarely needed because the scars are so small.


在哥伦布选择抽脂的澳洲幸运10正规官网开奖平台, Ohio at Donaldson整形外科 can expect tiny incisions, 最小的停机时间, 结果很漂亮. This procedure often provides the final contour improvement after diet and exercise have reached their limits. 我们邀请您今天与我们取得澳洲幸运10正规官网开奖平台, schedule your consultation and find out whether you are a good candidate!