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Hollowed, flattened cheekbones can make us look more tired and older than we truly feel. These sagging features and deflated contours can negatively impact our self-confidence. Cheek filler restores lost volume and enhances your natural cheekbones for a youthful, 美丽的外表.




It is important to put your faith — and your face — in the hands of an injector who has been trained in facial aesthetics and understands how the face moves, 为了达到最好的效果而改变和老化. You will be much better off choosing an injector you are confident in than having a poor treatment done that needs to be remedied and then corrected!

We are a team of clinically-minded providers who place your health and safety above all else, which sometimes includes the use of ultrasound technology to ensure optimal placement of filler. 你永远不会接受不必要的澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网, we are not afraid to say no if the potential risk outweighs the potential reward.



A cheek augmentation involves the use of dermal hyaluronic filler to add or restore lost volume in the midface due to aging to create a more rounded and youthful appearance. 当由我们任何合格的注射人员执行时, 面颊填充物是快速的, 安全且几乎无痛的澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网,而且效果立竿见影.

面部骨骼结构改变, 软组织在重力作用下收缩和下落, 随着年龄的增长,皮肤会自然下垂. 我们的面部脂肪垫会移动,不再突出, 而下巴下的脂肪垫变得更加明显. This fullness between the neck and chin is commonly known as a double chin or “jowling.”

The cheek’s fat pads are just as important as our bone structure in contributing to the shape and overall youthfulness of the face. 更厚的, more structural fillers can be used in deep tissues to compensate for loss of bone volume while thinner, 更多的丰满填充物可以用来代替我们年轻时的脂肪量. 效果是一个更年轻和健康的面容.

Cheek filler is an ideal solution for those looking to maintain those youthful facial curves. This is also an excellent option for patients who are starting to see some common signs of aging through the middle of the face and are looking to prevent further laxity.

Because increasing volume adds another light source to the upper part of the face (much like makeup highlighter does), 填充物当然对年轻人很有效. There is no ideal age for this treatment because every age demographic can usually benefit from increased curvature in the midface.


如果你是一个看到衰老迹象的人,你希望尽量减少它们, cheek filler is an excellent place to start because it addresses not only midface volume, 还有面部对称, 黑眼圈空旷, 鼻唇沟, 木偶线, 下脸下垂(也被称为“凹陷”).

The cost of filler varies depending on the area we are treating and the amount of product needed for the desired results. 一针填充剂的价格通常在700美元到900美元之间.

在经验丰富的注射器手中, 面颊隆胸是一种简单、低风险的手术. However, as with any injectable treatment, there are risks associated with the use of dermal filler. 最常见的风险包括注射部位的瘀伤和肿胀, 在手术过程中和接下来的日子里会有暂时的不适. 炎症和隆起也可能是副作用. 更严重的并发症, 如血管闭塞或受累, 是可能的但不常见的吗.

It is crucial that your licensed injector recognizes these risks and has educated you on the procedure. And remember: Filler can also be dissolved by your injector through the use of a hyaluronidase solution.

了解更多关于填充物 & 他们的安全

因为填充物主要是用来填充的, 我们通常用更重的, 在这些区域有更多粘性填料. Voluma等产品, Radiesse, RHA 4 are hyaluronic fillers scientifically developed to be more robust in order to create structure in the areas that need it. 我们想用这些强力填料的原因, 而不是像沃尔贝拉这样的东西, 是由于分子本身的粘度和结构. 这些填充剂被制造得不那么柔韧, 因此,它们保持着自己的形状,以确定中脸的轮廓.

有时, softer fillers like RHA 2 or 3 or Vollure may be added to create some natural curvature in addition to a more structured filler. Your injector may recommend a customized combination of differently structured fillers for an end result that looks most natural and moves dynamically.

当你遇到注射器时, you will first talk about the areas that most bother you and anything you are unhappy with. 他们会讨论不同的澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网方案, what products they think will be best for you and any possible risks associated with treatment. 一旦你进行了咨询, 你可以选择在同一天接受澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网.


接受面颊填充物前, 你的注射器可能会拍之前的照片, 测量尺寸或在脸上做标记进行澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网. 你的骨骼结构, facial musculature and facial fat distribution are all taken into account before a needle is even introduced to your appointment. 一旦这个计划步骤完成, your injector will prepare your filler and may apply a topical numbing cream to the treatment area. They will explain to you each step they will take and what you will feel during your treatment, 然后你会被注射.


当你的澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网结束时, you will be able to see your results right away and ask your injector to make any necessary refinements. You will be given an ice pack to reduce possible swelling and you have the option to purchase an arnica gel to help with any possible bruising. 除此之外, there is little to no downtime for cheek fillers — you can return to your daily life and resume normal activity after your treatment.

脸颊填充物平均可以持续一到两年, at which point your body will naturally begin to break it down and it will dissolve over time. 填料 break down due to two factors: the natural hyaluronidase in our bodies that metabolizes it, 我们身体的动态运动使它退化.

面颊填充物由于其制造工艺,通常比其他填充物使用寿命更长, 由于我们脸颊的活动有限. Maintaining good skin health and minimizing pressure on the face can also help to extend the life of your cheek filler.


在唐纳森整形外科, 我们向每位患者承诺,他们的安全永远是我们的首要任务, that our excellent reputation is a direct result of our commitment to setting best practices. This promise is extended to you when you choose cheek filler as your aesthetic solution! 我们邀请您今天与我们澳洲幸运10正规官网开奖平台,安排您的初步咨询.